Aug 28, 2010


Aug 18, 2010


She's just a little farm girl...
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Jun 29, 2010

Delicious hair!

Problem: Food on hands. Solution: Wipe in hair. Bonus: Look great!
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Jun 5, 2010

Audrey the Farmer

She's quality control for dirt...
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Apr 20, 2010

Orange you glad...

I didn't eat a banana?
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Mar 8, 2010

High chair Audrey

Cutie in da house!
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Feb 12, 2010

Audrey, she actually laughs! Without tickles!

Well, this says it all. No explanation needed. Personality emerging...

Feb 11, 2010

Off to the dance!

Audrey was excited to go out on her first dad-only date. We were headed to the FaDa Dance (Father/Daughter) at Melrose School.

And, the party was so crazy (and Audrey had so many people to smile at) that she just fell asleep partway through. Ah, to be 5 months old...
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Jan 28, 2010

Audrey of two modes:

Oh, yes... our little Lil is learning to lean into leisure. Kick back and watch the Owen show, Audrey!

Audrey is also a party girl! Woo-hoooooo!!!
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Jan 16, 2010


It turns out that Dad was just comfortable enough for today's nap.
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Jan 14, 2010


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Jan 5, 2010


Audrey is turning into a really good sleeper. Anywhere. Even the jumper.
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Do not tickle the technology. It cries.
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